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Our experts answer your granite memorial questions

The funeral preparation process can be confusing if you've never experienced it before. Trust the experts at Austin Stone & Monument to help you find the perfect headstone to honor your loved one. Our Wichita Falls, Iowa park, and Burkburnett, TX customers often come to us with similar questions, so we compiled a handy list to help you on your search for the perfect memorial.

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Where can I buy a granite memorial or headstone?

You can essentially buy a headstone wherever you want. However, some cemeteries may resort to scare tactics to try to pressure you to buy from them.

Will there be a fee if I buy from someone other than my local cemetary?

There shouldn't be. It's unethical to penalize you for purchasing a gravestone elsewhere. This is considered illegal by the FTC because it restricts free trade.

My local cemetery told me their headstones are higher quality. Is that true?

Not usually. Most cemeteries buy from the same sources we do, so the quality should be the same.

My local cemetery says they are not responsible for damage to stones bought from outside sources. Is this true?

They may not be responsible for damage that occurs during delivery or due to nature or vandalism, but they are liable for worker negligence after delivery.

How can I report an unethical cemetery?

How can I report an unethical cemetery?

If you believe a cemetery is acting unethically, you can report it to the following agencies:

  • The Federal Trade Commission, via their online complaint form
  • The Funeral Consumers Alliance
  • The International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association
  • Your local Better Business Bureau

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